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Highlight Reel February 27th-March 5th, 2010 March 7, 2010

Filed under: Life's Musings — Angie S. @ 8:04 pm

Saturday-Shopped for Mom’s birthday party, went to the library, and made an apple pie for my grandparents.  I was going to make a pie for my family too but someone got into the bag of apples and I didn’t have enough for 2!

Sunday- The guys went fishing and I enjoyed a quiet reading day.

Monday- School conferences were wonderful!  I have never been so proud of my young man!  Scouts tonight was our monthly planning meeting.  We added a campout in March.  Brrr!

Tuesday- Our large group faith formation meeting was a little awkward tonight.  Our priest was offended by a comment  one of the committee members made without thinking and another committee member was upset that she wasn’t invited to join a subcommittee.  It ended well enough though and we got a lot accomplished.

Wednesday- Soup supper tonight was very enjoyable.  Father Oberstar can talk your ear off when you’re sitting next to him.  Chili was awesome!  Bonnie moved out of Nana & Papa’s today.  She is a semi-independant woman.  Go Bonnie!

Thursday- After work I ran over to my grandparent’s new apartment and helped my mom and aunt Candy haul things up to the 2nd floor.  Nice aprtment but the living/dining room is a tad small for all Nana’s furniture.  Bible study was fun tonight as one of our snow birds came back.  Welcome back Caroline!

Friday- Zach and a friend went to Ski Gull tonight.  Had planned on staying their longer but Brett took a nasty fall and sustained a concussion.


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