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Winter Olympics- Scout Style! February 27, 2010

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Last Saturday our Boy Scout Patrol, The Mighty Eagles, had a fun afternoon putting our spin on the winter olympics.  Every month our patrol gets together to bond, have fun and work on teamwork which is part of what makes our patrol so successful.  Some of the other patrols in our group get together only sporadically so they haven’t built the friendships that we have. 

In honor of the Olympics each scout picked a country they wanted to represent excluding the US.  Each scout would be responsible for providing food for our potluck representative of their country.  We had a ton of food!  We enjoyed Irish Stew, German bratwurst, Chinese fried rice and cream cheese wontons, Italian pizza, French bread, Brazilian donuts, and Finnish flat bread.  Yum!

After eating we started the events.  Our first event was hockey.  Zachary had spray painted lines, face off circle, goals and a penalty box in the driveway.  Due to a lack of hockey sticks our goalies used snow shovels to scoop the pucks out of the goals!  Zachary was a star earning his team 2 goals to win the gold medal.

Then on to snowboarding.  We have a very small hill in the back yard at the bottom of which Zach had built a jump.  Due to the fact that not all scouts are snowboarders we did award for best wipeouts as well.  It was fun watching them come down the bump.

Zachary’s love of fishing had to get worked into the Olypics somw how so our next event was fishing.  We headed out to the lake and Zach pounded a bunch of holes for anyone who wanted to fish.  Medals were awarded to the three biggest fish caught.  Unfortunately the fish didn’t start biting until a few minutes before the end of the contest but I think the boys had a good time anyway.

We headed back for home.  I had rented the Wii  winter olypics game in case of bad weather but the day turned out perfect and sunny so we didn’t even use it.  We did sit in the house for a while and watch curling on TV while munching on an Olypic sized cookie before everyone decided to wrap it up.  It was a fun day and one I hope we can repeat in a few years!


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