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Highlight Reel February 20th-26th, 2010 February 27, 2010

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Saturday- Scout patrol Winter Olympic event.  See previous post.

Sunday- I was stricken with a stomach flu.  My stomach muscles hurt for days from retching!

Monday- Boy scouts tonight was reviewing scout skills.

Tuesday- Adult faith Formation meeting tonight.  We are happy to report the new adult education classes are doing extremely well.  We had anticipated about 8-10 people per class but we are ending up with 16-20 per class.  The adults are excited about the new opportunities available to them.  Some of the spring pilgrimages planned already have 30 people signed up for them!   Zach and Jeff had bow shoots tonight so before either of our meetings tonight we went out for supper.

Wednesday-  Our lenten soup suppers and Stations of the Cross have started at our church.  I picked up dad and we enjoyed dumpling soup and bars as well as fellowship with friends and relatives.

Thursday- at Bible study tonight Lex brought a shadowbox she had picked up at a rummage sale several years before that she wanted to show us.  It was a beautiful shadowbox of  the cross and several artifacts hanging around it depicting the Passion story.  It was called Thy Kingdom Come and was dated 1877.   I researched it after class and found one like it selling online for $1,175.00!  I emailed it to Lex who was astonished!

Friday-  Zach stayed overninght at his friend Jake’s house.  We ate together as a family since it was Friday and no meat day in our household.  After dropping him off Jeff and I went to watch the Olympic hockey game between Slovakia and Canada.


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