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Highlight Reel February 13th-19th, 2010 February 20, 2010

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Saturday- Zach and I went shopping in Little Falls and picked up some Valentines presents and groceries for our surf ‘n’ turf Valentines meal.  After church Jeff, Zach and I played 35.  Jeff lost… a lot!  After we had won all his money we went to mom’s and wone hers!

Sunday- We started this morning with a breakfast of sausages and pink pancakes.  For supper we has our traditional meal (see previous blog post).

Monday- Scouts tonight was teaching the younger Webelos Scouts (who might be joining our troop next year) how to build fires.  It was a little windy tonight which made it harder but the only successful patrol was…da da DA! the Mighty Eagles!

Tuesday- Tri Parish Council meeting tonight was short & sweet.  The Parish Life Committee is up and running and their first order of business is the Tri Parish picnic this fall.

Wednesday- Ash Wednesday mass tonight had all of us coming home with really dark crosses on our foreheads.

Thursday- Bible study tonight was awesome!  Tonight we studied Matthew 18, an in depth discussion on forgiveness.  Our group once again spent an additional 40 minutes just sharing.  I love all the personal reflection that comes out of these!

Friday- Zach babysat and earned a quick $20 tonight while I spent the evening printing flags and making gold silver & bronze medals for the Scout Olympic event tomorrow.


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