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Highlight Reel February 6th-12th, 2010 February 13, 2010

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Saturday-  The Nyquil I took laste last night must have really knocked me out.  I woke up at 7am, walked out to check on the boys (still sleeping), went back to bed and slept until 9.  Zach and I went to the library (he’s been reading like crazy), went to Culver’s for lunch where we saw my sister-in-law Teresa, stopped at Wal-Mart for milk and a battery for our home phone and then stopped at Nana’s to drop off the diabetic testing logs I had photocopied for her.  We decided to skip church tonight and go in the morning instead so when Jeff came home we played a couple of games of 35, ate the turkey, mashed potatoes & stuffing I had made and watched the Wild game.

Sunday- Went over to Mom’s for a superbowl party.  I made a new Mexican Dip in the crockpot that was really good, and while the guys watched the game Mom & I played cards.

Monday- Our boy scout meeting tonight was attending the school board meeting.  The boys need this for the Citizenship merit badges.  It was the first school board meeting I had ever been to and it was more interesting then I thought it would be.

Tuesday- Book Club tonight was fun.  We met at Northwest Pizza and we were reviewing a great book,  Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet by Jamie Ford.  The book recieved a lot of 4 star ratings from our group.  Read my review of it here.

Wednesday-  I went to confirmation class with the young man I am sponsoring.  Our guest speaker tonight was supposed to teach us about the Fruits of the Holy Spirit and the Gifts of the Holy Spirit.  I say supposed to because all he did was confused me.  I had a healthy understanding of it going into it having taught it to my catechism classes, but now I’m not sure what I know anymore.  They probably shouldn’t have that man teach us again.

Thursday- Bible study on Matthew 17 was on The Tranfiguration.  After the study we stayed and just chatted for a while.  What a great group of people in the study!

Friday- Last night Zach and I played cards for hours again.  I’m not getting much book reading done lately because he wants to play cards constantly!  That’s okay, he’s only mine for a little while longer and I’ll enjoy spending time with him while I can.


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