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Highlight Reel January 23rd-29th, 2010 January 31, 2010

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Saturday-  It rained and snowed all day so I did not even leave the house since even church was cancelled due to the slippery conditions. 

Sunday- Spent several hours on the ice cleaning up after the Ice Fishing Extravaganza.  Came home, made sloppy joes and watched the Vikings.

Monday- Scouts tonight was our annual knife safety meeting with a chance for the younger scouts and visiting Webelos to earn their Whittlin’ Chit card.  Mr Gage, the instructor, always has a neat whistle or toy for them to carve.

Tuesday- Zach and Jeff went to the bow shoots tonight and I went to the Adult Faith Formation meeting.  We have some exciting brand new opportunities for the adults in out parishes including a trip to the Science Museum of Minnesota to see the Dead Sea Scrolls in April.  I cannot wait to see this important archaeological find!

Wednesday- Nothing going on tonight.  Wednesdays are usually quiet.

Thursday- Bible Study tonight was on Matthew 14-15.  We studied the Feeding of the 5,000.  Jeff Cavins explained how even something little in the hands of God can become so much.  Even if you don’t think you have anything to offer, hand it up to God and he will make your offering so much more.

Friday- I had a mad case of tired tonight.  I told Zach I would play cards with him after he was done with his video game, in the meantime I would read.  Well, I fell asleep and he didn’t wake me up.  Didn’t wake up the next morning until 7:50!  For an early riser like me that’s late!


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