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Highlight Reel January 9th-15th, 2010 January 17, 2010

Filed under: Life's Musings — Angie S. @ 12:19 am

Saturday-  Jeff and Zach went to town today to get bait for fishing tomorrow.  I stayed home, read and worked on my new book blog.  Church in the evening, chili for supper.

Sunday- Pretty uneventful day.  In the evening Zach and I visited Nana in the hospital.

Monday- Scouts tonight with a visit from a police officer who conducted a little drug education with the boys.  Then we held elections.  Zachary was elected to be Patrol Leader of the Mighty Eagles Patrol.

Tuesday- Visited Nana at the hospital on my lunch break.  Went to Book Club at Nortwest Pizza in the evening.  Super fun time!

Wednesday- Nana was released from the hospital into hospice care today.  Spent the evening watching the Wild game.

Thursday-  Became a super hero at work today when I snagged a HUGE sale of 1,200 TVs to one client.  A $429,000 sale makes management bow down before you!  lol  Mom made a pan of lasagna and brought it to Papa and Nana’s house for lunch today and invited me to join them.  She makes the best homemade lasagna!  Matthew Chapters 11-12 were the focus of Bible study tonight.  We learned about the “sign of Jonah”.

Friday-  I was soo ready for the weekend.  I came home to the wonderful smell of supper in the crockpot (steak tips with mushrooms in gravy which I served over potatoes) and had a nice quiet evening at home.  Zach and I played 10 Penny & Pass the Ace.  I lost both games.


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