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Kiva Loan #3 January 14, 2010

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Several months ago I wrote a post about a charity that I love called Kiva.  Kiva hooks microfinanceurs like me up with people in poorer nations who are looking to support themselves through business ventures.  The neat thing about Kiva is you give them whatever amount of money you wish, they loan it to these business people and eventually it all gets paid back into your account to be reloaned to someone else.  You choose the amount of money you want to invest and who you want to invest it to. 

My latest loan was given to Liberee Musabyimana in Rwanda.  Liberee is 34 years old and is a recent widow with 3 children ages 7, 9 and 11; she also takes care of one dependent who is 15 years old. Liberee lives in the southern province of Rwanda near the National Park of Nyungwe which is in the tourism region. She has many years experience in the agriculture sector.  Liberee is requesting a loan  in order to grow her business by purchasing more farm supplies for use and to sell in her business. If successful, this will allow her to earn more profit, support her family of 3 children and 1 dependent, and save money so that she will be able to buy her own house someday.

Myself along with other investors loaned Liberee $900.00 that will be paid back in 10 months.

Please head on over to Kiva and see whose life you can change today!


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