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Highlight Reel January 2nd- 8th, 2010 January 9, 2010

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Saturday- Bitter cold winchill of -48 kept me in the house today doing pretty much nothing but cleaning up from the parties this weekend. 

Sunday- Finished a book today which I added as the 2nd book review on my new book blog.  I’m just starting out and have plenty of bugs to work out but if you’d like to take a peek before I go public go to By Book or By Crook .  When it warmed up to +1 I went into town to visit Nana in the hospital.  She went in New Year’s Day but since I had a bad cold I waited until today to visit.

Monday- Back to work today and it was a pleasant experience.  The customer flow is back to normal finally and I feel like I actually accomplished something today.  In Scouts last night a few us us spent the whole hour interviewing some of the boys who were interested in becoming Senior Patrol Leader for the upcoming year.  It was interesting to listen to these young men who will soon be interviewing for a real job answer some of the tough questions we placed before them.  Good luck to all the interviewees, we will be deciding at the end of the month.

Tuesday- Yesterday, eating pasta of all things, I broke a tooth!  It was one I had a root canal several years ago so I was hoping we could save it.  Alas, the dentist said it had to come out.  So out it came. I asked for the happy gas and everything went smoothly.  Glad that’s done.  I’m really not fond of dentists.

Wednesday& Thursday- Nice quiet nights at home.  Very much needed as I find I am still recovering from the holidays.

Friday-Jeff, Zach, and I went to the movie Blind Side.  I LOVED the movie.  I laughed and I cried and I had a feel-goodedness (what kind of word is that?) when I left the theater.  Jeff even laughed out loud at this one.  Highly recommended.  Go watch it!


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