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Highlight Reel December 26th, 2009- Jan 1st, 2010 January 1, 2010

Filed under: Highlight Reel — Angie S. @ 8:12 pm

Saturday- The day afetr Christmas was spent watching the snow come down all day long and addpng to the 12 or more inches we already had.  Becuase travel was not a good idea it was a wonderful reason to stay home and accomplish nothing at all except recuperate from the hectic couple of weeks preceding Christmas.

Sunday- Church then breakfast buffet at St Mathias. Zach and Jeff went to Gander to spend their gift cards but didn’t end up spending anything.  They are still undecided.

Monday- jeff watched the game at home, Zach watched it with my dad at their house while I visited with Mom and then at 9:30 I went home to watch the game that was MOST important.  Wild vs. Kings.  And we won…oh yeah!

Tuesday- Picked up Zach after work and I went to Kohls to spend my gift cards.  Got me some new tennis shoes, jeans and a hydration bottle and still have $27.00 left!

Wednesday- Last day of my work week and boy was I looking forward to it!

Thursday- Had the day off so spent it running around picking up last minute stuff for my party tonight.  Got a pounding headache so I didn’t even stop and see Nana in the hospital.  I felt really guilty about that but then Mom reminded me because of my cold they probably wouldn’t have let me see her anyway.  Came home from town and cooked, cooked, cooked! Party started at 7pm.

Friday- Happy New Year everyone!


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