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Highlight Reel November 28th-December 4th, 2009 December 4, 2009

Filed under: Life's Musings — Angie S. @ 8:10 pm

Saturday- Football Patrol night tonight.  See previous blog.

Sunday-  Thought I would get to sleep in this morning because we went to church last night and Zach didn’t have catechism this morning, but no such luck.  Up at 5am.  Zach and I went in to get our haircuts this afternoon and in the evening we had Zach’s Fall Court of Honor.

Monday- Delivered some of the Boy Scout wreaths today then I took Zach to Scouts and left to go to my EOM of HC training.  Then back to pick Zach up.  Worked on rechartering a little tonight but ran into more snags. 

Tuesday- Went to lunch without my coat on today.  Beautiful out!  Hard to believe it’s December 1st, but I hear the colder weather (and maybe snow) is moving in.  Worked on getting meatballs made for tomorrow so they will be in the crockpot simmering all day ready for Janeen and I to consume when we break from making our Christmas candy.  Very excited to start the holiday baking season!

Wednesday- Hurried home from work today to get started on the candy.  Janeen and I have this down to a science!

Thursday-Bible Study tonight was on Matthew 7, the continuation of The Sermon on the Mount (Golden rule, judgement, the narrow gate).  Great discussion tonight on judgement on earth versus judgement on the last day.

Friday- had lunch with Papa & Nana and Mom & Dad today.  Brought some bags of clothing to Dorcas, went to an estate sale and came home with more books (like my groaning bookshelves can hold anymore) and relaxed to watch the Wild game.


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