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Football Fever Patrol Night November 30, 2009

Filed under: Boy Scout Bluster — Angie S. @ 1:25 pm

The Mighty Eagles Patrol met at my house Saturday night for a little football action.  The Doucettes showed up at 6:30 and Al, Josiah and Dar a little after that. 

The plan was to play football and have ourselves a little football food.  I had put the chili on earlier and it had been simmering all day.  The smell of it was making my stomach rumble.  Alvin brought the fixings for some pans of nachos and I fired up the grill for some wieners. We rounded that off with a cheese, cracker (with footballs on them), and salami tray, football shaped pretzels, and Twix cookie bars.

Our Scoutmaster Dan showed up just in time and we called everyone in for supper.  It didn’t take long for the boys to demolish the food and after a short rest for their stomachs they were out again playing football.  We had set up “stadium lights” so they boys would have no problem playing in the dark and the side of the yard was really lit up.

When the boys couldn’t talk any of their dads into being quarterback guess who stepped in to save the day?  That’s right…Supermom!  When Eric told me “I guess you can throw okay” I knew I had just received a huge compliment!

When their tired bodies couldn’t take any more of a beating they all came in to play a little Wii.  Alvin, Josiah, and Dar left around 10pm but the rest of us weren’t quite ready to end our evening.  We watched the end of the hockey game and then threw in a movie.

Mark, Eric, Andrew and Austin left at 1:15, I cleaned up and climbed into bed about 2am.  Our patrol gets along great which makes things much easier.  I don’t know what our December patrol activity is but I’m sure, like always, it will be fun.



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