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Highlight Reel November 21st-27th November 27, 2009

Filed under: Highlight Reel — Angie S. @ 8:11 pm

Saturday-  I woke up early to sneak into town to take advantage of a sale without Zach  since the present was for him.  We lounged the rest of the day.  I tried catching up on my sleep.  I haven’t been sleeping very well at night because my carpal tunnel is so bad my arms are constantly falling asleep.  I spend most of the night with my arms hanging off the side of the bed and shaking them to get the circulation back in them. After church and supper Zach and I went to mom & dad’s to play cards.  Zach and I both came out money ahead.

Sunday- was kind of a busy day.  I made breakfast then dropped Zach off at catechism.  I came back and made sandwiches for the turkey bingo later at our church.  I stopped off at moms, picked up her sandwiches, dropped them off at the church, picked Zach up and headed into town for the Boy Scout wreath sale at Trinity Lutheran Church.  Once that was over we headed back out to St Mathias for the turkey bingo.  It was my turn to serve so I helped get the meal ready and then sat down to play bingo.  Tyler and Monica joined Zach and I and lucky Moni won $5.00.  She would have won more but there were 4 bingos that round!  I helped the ladies clean up there, went home and made Porcupine Meatballs, baked potatoes and a salad for supper then sat down and watched a documentary a friend had loaned me.  Zach and I managed to sneak in a game of Racko and a couple of games of Getta Letter before bed.

Monday- Had lunch with Papa and Nana today and then stopped and visited with Mom  after work.  Scouts tonight was practice for Court of Honor Sunday night.  We went over the flag ceremony many times to make sure we could work out all the fidgits!

Tuesday-  Came home with a migraine but did manage to get to my Adult Faith Formation meeting at St Andrews tonight.  jeff was a huge help cleaning up after supper and doing the dishes for me.

Wednesday- The stress at work today was incredible- getting ready for the after Thanksgiving sale.  Hopefully smoother days ahead after Friday.  Watched the Wild game.  It’s so dishearteneing to watch them play so well and get sooo close to the win but lose it in the 4th round of the shootout.  Transition year, I know. 

Thursday- Happy Thanksgiving all!

Friday- At work at 2:30am this morning.  I thought it went really well at Wal-Mart today.  People didn’t seem quite as rude as they normally are.  Got off work in time to come home and watch the 1pm Wild game which they WON!  Took a nap and then Jeff, Zach and I cleaned the house for tomorrows patrol activity.


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