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Hunting 2009 November 15, 2009

Filed under: Life's Musings — Angie S. @ 1:56 pm

This year’s week of hunting was not a productive one.  My dad got two yearling bucks opening day by 8:30am, so with the good start everyone was pretty optimistic.  As the week dragged on they saw deer.  In fact they usually saw them in groups of 2-3 but they were too far away.  Jeff took a shot at two of them Monday but with the distance he didn’t think he’d probably get them.  Saturday morning Jeff and Zach were in the buddy stand and Jeff saw one- but no luck.  One day Jeff was walking out of the woods and my dad saw one following behind him, but Jeff had no idea! 

Saturday I babysat Grace-Lin while Monica went out hunting with my 3 men.  About 4:30-5pm Tyler saw a deer.  He shot at it, hit it and knocked it right to the ground.  When he went to track it he saw a big spray of blood.  He walked a little and saw another big spray, then another, then…nothing.  The blood stopped.  Jeff,and Zach joined Monica and Tyler to look for the deer.  They walked through the swamp and circled around.  It got dark and they came back for lanterns and searched for a while more.  They didn’t find it.  Tyler was just sick about it.  It really bothered him he couldn’t find the deer.

Jeff went out early this morning on the last day of the hunting season and looked a while longer but the deer is nowhere to be found.  Like I said, Dad did get 2 deer which he gave to us so we will have venison.  But hunting season is more then that.  My guys struck out and it was really a disappointment for them.  Hopefully next year will be better for my hunters.


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