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Highlight Reel November 7th-14th, 2009 November 15, 2009

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Saturday-  The hunters got up in the dark this morning to get to their stands by dawn.  I volunteered to work for a few hours to help with the rush during the Secret Saturday sale.  I got home about 10:30 to find that my dad had shot a few deer this morning which my family was skinning so they could get it in the refrigerator.  It was way too warm to just hang in the garage like usual.

Sunday- Ran to town to get more food for the hunters.  They are eating me out of house and home.  Sitting in a deer stand all day must be hard work because they really build up an appetite!  I put barbecue ribs in the oven, cheesy potatoes in the crockpot, and we had corn, dinner rolls and peanut butter cup pie for supper.  Today is also my dad’s birthday.  Happy Birthday Dad, I love you!

Monday- Zach came home from school and cooked up some fish fillets.  This was the last requirement he had to complete to get his fishing merit badge.  They were very yummy!

Tuesday- Book club tonight was at the Chap.  I enjoyed a huge platter of nachos while we discussed the Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls.  It was a very good discussion about dysfunction and poverty.  It is so sad what some children in America have to go through every day of their lives.

Wednesday-  Jeff picked Zach up after school so they could get out earlier then normal and get some hunting in.  Then we enjoyed a nice quiet evening at home watching a movie.

Thursday- Bibke study tonight was on Matthew 5 The Beatitudes and the Sermon on the Mount.  We have such a great group and I am thankful for each of them and their thirst for learning more.

Friday-  Monica and Grace-Lin came to spend the night with us so she  could get up early and go out hunting with Tyler.  Tyler came home from work at 11pm, had a snack and went to his grandparents to spend the night.


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