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Highlight Reel October 31st-November 6th, 2009 November 7, 2009

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Saturday-  Busy day!  Got up early and updated all my web sites and my blog while I waited for Zach to get up.  Then we went to town to get groceries and more candy (never leave a woman alone in a house full of chocolate!) and a few things for my Lia Sophia party on Wednesday.  Zach carved the pumpkin when we got home.  We cleaned a little, headed for church and then came home, made supper and handed out candy to the trick or treaters while watching the Wild game (which they won-laaa!) Whew!

Sunday-  Woke up at 4:30am.  Obviously I’m not on daylight savings time yet.  After Zach got back from catechism and we ate breakfast we went to town to upgrade our cell phones.  The boys (Jeff being the worst) have been bugging me to do this for months.  Basically, the rest of the day(aside from watching the Vikes win) was spent playing around on their cell phones and trying to figure them out.

Monday-  At Scouts tonight most of the older Scouts helped out with the Eagle Scout project at Oak Lawn Town Hall while some of us leaders stayed behind to help the new scouts work on their Scout and Tenderfoot ranks.

Tuesday-Looked at the wrong clock at work today and left 1 hour earlier then intended for my doctor’s appointment.   Stayed in town for an additional 2 hours to go to the Faith Formation meeting only to find when I got there it had been cancelled.  Grr!  Finished off the evening by making a few snacks for my Lia Sophia jewelry party tomorrow night.

Wednesday- Had my Lia Sophia jewelry party tonight.  Lots of fun!

Thursday- Bible  Study tonight on Matthew 4, Jesus facing temptation in the desert and the start of his public ministry.  Loved when Jeff Cavins talked about how even though Jesus was tempted by the devil he was never enticed.  There is a huge difference.  We had a great discussion tonight with our super group!  Came home and finished watching the Wild game- which we lost.

Friday- Monica & Gracie followed me home from work.  I made polish sausages and tater tot hotdish for supper while Zach & Gracie watched Ratatouille and Monica played Doggie Dash on her computer.  Monica stayed at our house last night while Ty spent the night at his Grandma’s.  The hunters went to bed relatively early to be ready for opening day!


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