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Highlight Reel October 17th- 23rd, 2009 October 23, 2009

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Saturday-  Went to Wal-Mart and bought a tall bookshelf.  I was tired of all my books spilling out from under the bed.  It’s full now and I don’t have all my books in it yet!  After lunch I  went and visited the boys at the Muzzleloader cabin.  They hadf a great time shooting all day.

Sunday- After breakfast at the Sawmill Inn and a haircut for Zach at Great Clips;  Jeff, Zach and Tyler (at my Dad’s house) watched the Vikings game.  Then we spent the rest of the day doing housework.  Yah, I know…real exciting!

Monday- Had a Cook-off tonight at Boy Scouts.  No winner was officially announced but all the boys did a fantastic job.  And so creative!

Tuesday- Tri-Parish council tonight was mostly about looking at the new mission statements and yearly goals from each of the 5 commissions and talking about possibly  starting a new commission on evangelization.

Wednesday- Janeen and I finally got around to going out for our birthday margaritas.  I brought home subs (Zach’s favorite) for the guys and we hit the happy hour at Poncho & Lefty’s.  After we were happier, we came home and made up our candy making list for this holiday season.  We will be busy gals!

Thursday-  Zach and Jeff finished the packing I had started earlier for our camping trip this weekend and I went to Bible Study.  Tonight we did the second chapter of Matthew.  The note that stood out tonight was after the magi visited baby Jesus they had to go home a different way.  Once we encounter Christ we can never go back the same way.  We are forever changed.

Friday-  After work today we will be taking off for Rock Lake to go camping with our Mighty Eagles Patrol.  It is supposed to get to 28 degrees overnight and I came down with a cold in anticipation of this, but I am excited none the less!  Supposedly Saturday will be nice for our 15 mile bike ride and Sunday should be just as pleasant.


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