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Highlight Reel October 3rd-9th, 2009 October 10, 2009

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Saturday-  Started out the cool morning with Scouting For Food Bag Pick Up.  Donations have been down every year but this year was the worst so far.  Our Troop takes care of the area west of 6th Street from Greenwood Street to Washington Street.  We collected only enought bags to fill the back of my Trailblazer without the seats pushed down.  When we unloaded at Cub Foods this translated to 3 heaping grocery carts.  While we are thankful for the donation (Thanks Southview and Buffalo Hills people- you gave the most!) it is sad that we don’t get more participation.   After lunch with Tyler & Gracie I dropped Zach off at the homecoming game, stopped off to visit Mom & Dad & then went home to get ready for church.

Sunday-  Happy Birthday to me!  Monica & Gracie came out early this afternoon to visit with us.  Tyler got his clay pigeon thrower put together and him, Zach and Monica went out and shot for a while.  After birthday supper at St Mathias we went back to Mom & Dad’s where I was one of the guests of honor at a double birthday party.  We had Nana’s birthday tonight too since we didn’t get a chance earlier to do it with first Mom in the hospital and then Nana in the hospital.  Then we came back to our house and we played cards for a while.  My brother Mike called me before the evening was through to wish me a Happy Birthday.  I always love to hear his voice.  Very sweet of him.

Monday- Picked up my mail tonight after work and had to laugh at the birthday card from my brother.  What a nut!  Had early scouts tonight because we had our monthly planning meeting as well as the regular meeting.

Tuesday-Went to Rafferty’s for lunch as they have WiFi.  I was able to get the Scout website updated with all the critical info for our 2 upcoming fall campouts.  Had a Faith Formation Commission meeting tonight.  It got over just in time for me to tune in and listen to the Wild Game on the way home.  Luckily I only missed the first 3 minutes of the game.  Great home opener!

Wednesday-  Made Rosemary Chicken and Roasted Vegetables for supper then went into Kohl’s to spend my $20 Kohl’s cash before it expired.  Got to say hey to Kristina as she was working tonight.

Thursday-Bible Study started tonight!  We are doing a 24 week study on Matthew.  Carolyn is back from last year and so are Carrie and Henry and we added Alexia this year as well as Brian.  Welcome guys!

Friday- picked up Zach after school and went to the video store and picked up a few videos and a game.  Went to Crow Wing Power to get my 3 free CFLs for participating in the Biggest Saver contest (I didn’t save as much as I thought I could but the gift was nice) and then we stopped at Common Goods the new thrift store in the area.  We were fortunate to buy a whole stamp collection there with a lot of foreign stamps for only $5.00.  We’ve had a lot of fun going through them and sorting them out.


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