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Highlight Reel September 26th-October 2nd October 2, 2009

Filed under: Highlight Reel — Angie S. @ 4:49 pm

Saturday-  Zach and I went to St Cloud today.  We stopped at the Scout store, had brunch at Old Country Buffet, did some shopping at the mall, and of course Zach wanted to stop at Treasure City on the way home.  After supper he babysat Aiden and Jeff and I had a nice quiet evening at home.

Sunday-  Watched the Vikings game.  I don’t like football but I have to admit the winning play was kind of exciting.  The weather was’t great and we couldn’t go fishing so we went to town and got a movie and picked up some ice cream and root beer for floats.  We had a nice family day- even sqeezing in a couple of games of cards after the movie.

Monday-  Tonight was Scouting for Food Bag Drop Off night.  We had a good turnout and got our portion of the city done in a little over an hour.

Tuesday- We all went over to Mom Simmonds so we could bisit with Uncle Larry who was visiting from Oklahoma.

Wednesday-  Spent the evening playing cards at Mom & Dad’s.  I won the first game then I fear I got a little too cocky because after that I couldn’t win a thing.

Thursday- Had our first Adult Faith Formation meeting tonight.  I’m very excited about the direction the church is going with adult education and activities.

Friday- Still raining.  We could have used this a month or two ago!  Tyler and a friend went to the casino for supper tonight.   The rainy dreary weather makes me kind of lazy, so we just stayed at home tonight.  I made Beef and Cheese Tortilla Casserole for supper, we played cards and a few games of Aggravation on the homemade board Papa made me a few years ago for Christmas.  They are predicting more drizzle for tomorrow morning which means the Scouts will be picking up the Scouting for Food bags in the rain.


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