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Big, Boisterous Family September 30, 2009

Filed under: Life's Musings — Angie S. @ 10:52 pm

Jeff’s Uncle Larry arrived this last weekend from Oklahoma for a visit with his family in the area.  Mom Simmonds wanted to get all her kids together to see him before he went back so she invited us over Tuesday evening for a potluck supper.  She picked up some Kentucky Fried Chicken and others brought cheesy potatoes, pasta salads, coleslaws, buns and the like.  Jeff requested I bring Snicker Salad and Mom S. made dessert.

Because it was on a Tuesday night there were several who couldn’t make it because of work schedules or living out of town, but you couldn’t tell it by the activity and noise level in the house.  This is part of what makes this family fun.  There is nothing we do together that is low key and quiet.  The kids were riding around and bunny hopping the scooter, riding in the wheelbarrow and wrestling around all evening.  Seth was puttering around with the toy tractors and Raegan was splashing in the sink (and totally drenching Teresa) during her bath.  Sarah got the giggles while she was getting tickled and the men in the living room kept raising their voices as they tried to top each other’s tall tales.  I’m sure I even squealed once or twice when Kristi kept sneaking up behind me to pinch my butt!

I remember being so overwhelmed when I started accompanying Jeff to family functions when we were dating.  My family is so small that even when we’re trying to be loud we are not very noisy.  I wonder if Larry was just a bit overwhelmed as well?

But now that I’m used to it I look forward to events when the whole family gets together.  I’m no longer overwhelmed and i enjoy the craziness of this big, boisterous family.



2 Responses to “Big, Boisterous Family”

  1. Karissa Says:

    those are some mighty cute photos of our family! minus the ugly girl with the red hair… she looks like a criminal in photos… 😀

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