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Duck! September 20, 2009

Filed under: Life's Musings — Angie S. @ 9:53 pm

This afternoon we had to abandon plans to take the boat out fishing because it was just to gusty.  Instead we decided to head to Little Falls and try some fishing at the dam.

Zach and I head to the dam often.  We like to watch the water roll over the rocks and listen to the crashing of the waves when they drop from the cement waterway.

Jeff went with us today and when we got there and were getting the rods from the back of the car we saw three different flocks of geese fly over us.  We watched them fly over the river in their southernly direction.  When we looked down at the river however we saw something equally fascinating.  There were ducks all over.  They were standing on the shore and on the rocks.  They were swimming and diving for food and some were even frolicking in the water leaking from the dam.

While the fishing tonight wasn’t that great (I lost my lure on the first cast, Zach caught two rock bass and Jeff caught one) we did have a very enjoyable evening enjoying the weather, watching the ducks and marveling in the sunset.



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