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4th Annual Catechetical Assembly September 15, 2009

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005I had the privilege of being able to attend the 4th Annual Catechetical Assembly put on by the Diocese of Duluth at the College of St Scholastica last Saturday.  The speaker this year was Christopher West who spoke about Theology of the Body.  Theology of the Body was a series of 129 talks that Pope John Paul II gave between 1979 and 1984.  According to the Theology of the Body workbook, TOB is a “biblical reflection on the human embodiment as male and female, particularly as it concerns the call of the two to become one flesh.”

Christopher West has devoted over 10 years to studying the talks given by Pope John Paul II and spreading JP’s message to people in terms that are easy to understand.  His humorous, high energy approach mixed popular media (songs and movies) into his lecture to make a fun afternoon.  Mr West had the crowd humming, singing and laughing throughout the day.

During breaks, those assembled had the opportunity to walk around and shop some of the booths set up.  There were booths set up with material from Mr. West’s ministry as well as catholic bookstores, and other ministries in the area.

On the way home, the group from Brainerd stopped (as per tradition) at the Black Bear Casino for a buffet dinner before arriving home at about 9pm.

Next year the theme for the assembly will be Social Concerns.  I encourage you to go if you have the opportunity.  Brian Pizzalato and his staff from the Diocese of Duluth always puts on a great assembly.


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