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Highlight Reel September 5th-11th September 11, 2009

Filed under: Highlight Reel — Angie S. @ 8:14 pm

Saturday-  Zach and I went to the Charles Lindberg State Park and Interpretive Center.  For one of his merit badges he has to go visit a National Landmark.  How convenient to have one so close to us.  It’s been a while since I have been there and Zach never has.  In 2002 they redid the museum and I think they did a really good job. We happened to get in on a Living History Day where they had characters dressed up as Charles grandma, housekeeper, and tenant farmer/handyman.  They all acted like the year was 1918 and even asked us if we all came in on the train!   Later, after Mark called to invite us for an overnight campout Sunday night I figured I’d better get the plum jelly canned.  I ended up with 9 jars of plum jelly and I did 7 more jars of apple butter.

Sunday- had to call Mark to opt out on the campout.  Had a fever of 102.6 and felt lousy.

Monday- still sick.  We didn’t get to do our traditional Labor Day picnic.

Tuesday- called in sick today.  really struggled with that one because calling in sick the day after a holiday means you lose your holiday pay.  But when just taking a shower completely wore me out, I knew it was no use trying to make it to work.  Went to the doctor where they drew 3 vials of blood.  Will know more later today.  Zach’s first day as a freshman!  He was very excited this morning to begin school.  That won’t last long!

Wednesday- Doctor’s office called today to tell me I’m normal.  My family laughed at that.  I decided to take today off as well just to get my strength back.  I’m going back to work tomorrow for sure though.  I’m going crazy sitting here at home!  Zach came home from school and changed into work clothes.  He was on his way to help my dad clean out the gutters.  I have to give that kid credit.  He sure is a helper and I know his grandpa really appreciates having him around.  Now, if he would only do something about that room!

Thursday- headed back to work today.  I probably should have taken today off too because I still felt horrible but I didn’t have a fever anymore so I made it through the day.  Zach however, came home and went right to bed with a fever.  Tyler stayed overnight with a friend because he didn’t want to be in a house full of sickies.

Friday- Zach woke up just fine today, thankfully.  After school we did our traditional 1st day of school thing that we didn’t do Tuesday because I was sick.  We had  chicken noodle soup at moms and this year my back to school cake was in the shape of a combination lock.


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