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Highlight Reel August 22nd-28th, 2009 August 28, 2009

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Saturday-Jeff and Zach went fishing all day.  I mowed the lawn and read a little.  When the guys got back we set up the tent and the screenhouse to dry them up after camping in Hurricane Katrina earlier in the week.

Sunday-  Monica dropped Gracie off at 7am so she could volunteer with the Special Olympics today in Maple Grove.  Gracie went to church with us and later we brought her to the park.  I didn’t think we’d get her off the slides!  In the afternoon I finished mowing the lawn while Gracie took a 3 hour nap.  I guess I wore her out as much as she wore me out.  After supper Jeff, Zach and Monica helped me peel apples and roll out pie crusts for the apple pies I made for our family and Mom & Dad.

Monday- 1st day back to work went well.  Bernice always does an awesome job in the department when I’m gone.  It’s nice to not have to worry about coming back to a mess.  I made a pan of lasagna and brought it over to Mom & Dad’s along with some garlic toast for supper.  After supper I drove in to my grandparents house to see if I could fix their cable.  They had upgraded their cable service and now had a cable box to deal with.  After the installer left they turned the TV on and had nothing.  They called because 3 days later they hadn’t figured out how to get the picture to come on and had played cards and went to bed early each night.  After turning on their TV and changing the channel from channel 4 to channel 3, I went home.  (I feel bad for all the frustration the elderly go through because of the changing technology.  Hopefully I can stay on top of things as I grow older :0)

Tuesday-Went to Brainerd High School South Campus to pick up Zach’s schedule and take a look at where his classes were.  Zach and Jeff then went fishing in the evening.

Wednesday-picked a bunch of apples for a friend off Dad’s tree

Thursday-  Zach picked an enormous amount of chokecherries for me to make jelly and syrup with.  Spent 2 1/2 hours destemming them and only got half way through them all.  Juiced the 1st batch.

Friday- my cousin Janeen had a Norwex party (environmentally safe cleaning products) that I went to.  Looks like pretty good stuff.  We will see how impressed I am after using it on a daily basis in my home.


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