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Sinclair Lewis- An Author Jaunt August 22, 2009

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Being a “Bookie” I am always interested to read or learn something about a famous author.  That’s why our recent vacation to Sauk Centre  included an author jaunt to learn a little about Nobel prize winner Sinclair Lewis’ hometown and setting for Main Street.

While my husband and son were fishing, I traveled to  town where I started with the Sinclair Lewis Interpretive Center and went through the small free museum there.  From there I traveled down the Original Main Street and turned onto Sinclair Lewis Avenue and stopped at Sinclair Lewis’ boyhood home.  Walking the same streets he did while growing up (although they were not paved when he walked them) I took in the some of the same sights he would have seen.  I tried to get into the mind of the character Carol Kennicott as I thought about some of the characters from Main Street and wondered if I could pick out some of the same types of people today.  I walked around the carraige house behind the home knowing this is where “Red” as his friends called him wrote some of his earlier works. It was said that Sinclair Lewis had a very unhappy and lonely childhood so it wasn’t surprising the carraige house in the back and off to the side was his private haven.

The last place I went to was  Greenwood Cemetary to see the gravesite of Mr. Lewis.  Even though he died in Italy it was his wish to be buried in Sauk Centre where he grew up, and as his brother opened the urn to sprinkle his ashes into the grave some of the ashes blew away in the breeze.  A fitting burial for the restless soul that he was.


One Response to “Sinclair Lewis- An Author Jaunt”

  1. Bookjourney Says:

    Angie this is awesome! I do love this and enjoy doing these kind of activities! 🙂 How fun for you and I am jealous! 🙂 Thanks for sharing the post and the great pictures!

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