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Highlight Reel August 8th-14th, 2009 August 14, 2009

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Saturday-  Went to the bank and started school shopping today.  Zach is very easy to go school shopping with.  In less then 2 hours we had 5 new pairs of jeans, 5 new shirts and shoes.  The paper, pencils, pens, folders, etc, I have already purchased on sale so we are good to go.  I think this is the earliest we have been done.  When we had finished we stopped in to visit with Mom before heading for home.  In the evening Mary & Jerry brought a pizza up for Mom and she got to play cards for the first time in 3 weeks.  She enjoyed that.  Tyler, Jeff, Zach and I went for a ride and ended at the Dairy Queen in Little Falls.  We took our ice cream to the dam and stood there for a while watching the water.  We drove past the Graffiti Rocks on the way home.

Sunday-  Visited mom in the morning.  Spent the afternoon reading the Book Club book that I had just started so I could finish it in time for book club on Tuesday night.  Zach and Jeff spent the afternoon fishing.  In the evening I went in to visit Mom.  When I got there Dad, Monica, & Gracie were there.  Papa, Nana, & Bonnie came shortly after I did.

Monday-  Mom was having a tough day today.  She was hurting -probably overdid it the day before and was sleeping when I got there for lunch.  She’s really getting homesick too which doesn’t help.  Dad spent the morning working on her wheelchair ramp.  He’s missing her too.  Got my computer back from the repair shop today.  Over $280.00 later I am once again ready to roll.

Tuesday-  Busy night.  Had a Faith Formation meeting from 5:30-6:30 then a book club meeting from 6:30-9pm

Wednesday-  picked up a loaner commode for Mom after work today, took it home to clean it up and the pan underneath it had no bottom on it!  What good is that?  Did dishes, Lori and Aidan stopped by on the 4 wheeler and visited for a while and then I finally got the back yard mowed.  Mom comes home tomorrow.

Thursday- Got up ealy to make bars and get supper in the crockpot so Dad wouldn’t have to worry about making anything on her first night home.  Took an early lunch so I could get home before Mom did.  Zach and I put a big welcome home banner on the garage door and scattered balloons throughout the house and a few outside on her wheelchair ramp.  After spaghetti for supper I took Zach down to the access so he could jump off the dock for a while and cool off.

Friday- both Mom and Dad had doctor’s appointments today.  Mom was disappointed to find out she has to spend at least 3 more weeks in the wheelchair.  Tyler and Monica, Gracie and Zach spent the whole day on Serpeant Lake jet skiing and tubing.  The boys had a blast!  I kept Mom company while our men watched the first Vikings preseason game.


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