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Ahhhhhhhhh! August 14, 2009

Filed under: Life's Musings — Angie S. @ 10:33 pm


I’m on vacation!  This is the vacation that I look forward to every year.  My other vacations are usually weeks I take off to get yard work done.  But this vacation…THIS one, is different.  This is our camping vacation, and I love to camp!  This year, a mere 2 days before we head out, we still have no idea where we are going.  I used to spend weeks researching the route and area we would be camping in and making sure there was enough things to do to keep the boys busy.  But as they have grown older (and unfortunately me as well) we have grown more relaxed.  No longer do we look for campgrounds with swimming pools, a mini golf course, waterslides and movies at dusk out on a painted white wall.  No- we look for a primitive campsite far away from people with nothing but a lake or a river to keep us occupied. 

I have already planned my meals for the dutch oven (Mountain Man Breakfast, Dutch Oven Lasagna, and Fruit Cobbler), bought the Jiffy Pop (kind of an evening tradition), and restocked the first aid kit.  I am antsy and ready to go.  As long as the fish are biting and the mosquitos aren’t we should have a great week!


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