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In a Blink July 26, 2009

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It’s crazy how life can change in a blink of the eye.  Don’t believe it can change that fast?  Ask my parents.  Last Sunday just that quickly it happened to them.  My parents were in an accident.  My dad glanced at something quickly and he felt himself veer towards the ditch.  When he tried to right the wheel it was too late.  The soft sand at the side of the road pulled him in.  They jumped several road approaches before he was able to being the truck to a stop.  The brakes don’t work real well when you are airborn.

Both suffered injuries.  Dad has a compressed fracture of one of his vertebra and a bruised elbow and sore neck.  Mom wasn’t quite so lucky.  My mom crushed several vertebra and fractured her “good” knee (the other one she had replaced last year).  She was transferred by ambulance to St Cloud Hospital Neurosurgery and Spine Care Unit.

When dad called from the hospital and told me they had been in an accident and were transferring mom to St Cloud I told him I would be right there, hung up the phone and left.  I never even thought to ask him what was wrong with her or how bad off she was.  It was a terrifying drive in to the hospital when your brain is thinking the worst.  I prayed all the way there and said the fastest rosary I think I’ve ever said.

The front desk at the hospital gave me my parents’ room numbers and when I got to Mom’s room I was so relieved to see her conscious and able to talk.  She was in a lot of pain, but she was alive.  Dad had left his room to be with mom.  When the EMT’s arrived to transfer her we left for St Cloud.  She beat us there by only a few minutes and thus we began the waiting game.  After waiting in the emergency room at St Josephs for about 3 hours, Dad and I waited in the emergency room in St Cloud for another 3 before they got mom in a room.

On the way home I spent half the ride just getting a hold of everybody that needed to know- my brother, my grandparents, my kids and my Dad’s sisters.  By the time we got home Dad was in a lot of pain from the car ride and all the sitting at the hospital.  Neither one of us slept very well that first night.

I took the next couple of days off to spend all day at the hospital with her.  Wednesday she had surgery and that went a lot better then we thought.  The doctor had initially painted such a grim picture that we were really scared.  But things are going better now.  Mom is in a lot of pain (and she will be for a while) but her outlook is great.  The nurses love her because she’s a great patient that hardly ever complains and she loves them because they’ve been so good to her.  In fact, when one went down to the cafeteria to buy Mom a diet Dr Pepper she immediately became mom’s favorite and an angel in her eyes.  I’m probably going to be replaced as a daughter!

Thank you everyone for all your hugs, cards, phone calls, thoughts and prayers for Mom and our family.  They have meant so much to us and been a source of strength.  Mom is on the road to recovery, and while the road is long it is a lot better then no road at all.  I’m so thankful that I have them both with me.


One Response to “In a Blink”

  1. Michael DeRosier Says:

    Amen To That Sister!!! I Can’t Imagine our Lives with out the
    best parents in the world!!!!!!!!!

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