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Highlight Reel July 25th-31st, 2009 July 26, 2009

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Saturday- Picked Dad up at 9am to bring him to town to get his prescription filled and go to the bank.  After we ran these few errands we went to St Cloud and spent the day with Mom.  We got back in time for Saturday evening mass.  When mass was over I came home and make some pork cutlets and mashed potatoes and gravy and brought some over for Dad then I mowed the lawn.  I finished right as it was getting too dark to see any more.  I don’t know why they bother with those little headlights on riding lawn mowers.  They are never bright enough to see anything with.

Sunday- Rose early to make a big breakfast and finish getting Zach packed to head to scout camp.  We drove him to Camp Cuyuna, they got checked in, took their swimmers tests and headed to the Apache campsite to set up their tents and the camp kitchen.  Then we headed back to Brainerd to go to the wake of one of our scout volunteers and former leader Don Howitz who had passed away from cancer.  I was very proud of the boys as they respectfully walked in to the funeral home in full unifroms.  Don’s daughter was so impressed that she lined them all up in front of Don’s urn and took a photo of them for her mother who was so appreciative that they had left camp to come to the wake.  When Jeff and I left the funeral home we grabbed a quick bite to eat and headed home.  I went over to Dad’s house and started mowing his lawn since he is unable to do it because of the fracture in his back.  After almost 3 hours of mowing I’m still only about halfway done, but it was starting to get dark.  Hopefully I can finish up sometime mid week.

Monday- work today was stressful trying to get caught up still from last week.  Used my lunch hour to go to a funeral.  After work I went to pick up Dad to head to St Cloud to see Mom and found out they were getting ready to transfer her here by Medi-Van.  Dad treated me to supper and we went to Bethany to see her and get her all settled in.  Got home and picked up the house (notice I said picked up and not cleaned) in preparation for overnight guest tonight.

Tuesday-  We were supposed to have a big visit today at work by our divisional and some regionals.  They did make it to the store but when I left at about 5:30 today they hadn’t made it to my department yet.  I drove over to visit Mom after work and was only there about 15 minutes and Dad came.  A half hour later Papa, Nana & Bonnie stopped by.  Her room is kind of small and there’s only 2 chairs in it so I was sitting on the floor.  I didn’t stay much longer.  She had plenty of company and I hadn’t had supper with my husband in about a week and a half.

Wednesday-  It was Jeff’s day off so he headed to Boy Scout Camp to spend the day with Zach.  Zach is taking the Fishing Merit Badge and he needs to catch 3 different species of fish so Jeff stayed late to fish with him.  I went to visit Mom on my lunch break and after work.  She’s making such progress!  Dad took her out to the flower gardens in her wheelchair so she could get some fresh air.  When I left Bethany Good Samaritan I went to Dad’s and mowed his ditch and wanted to finish the rest but Dad was out of gas.  So, I raked up the grass clippings and dumped wheelbarrow loads into the compost pile and then I hauled water to all his flowers because they were pretty droopy.

Thursday- I helped catch a shoplifter at work today.  That was pretty exciting!  Went to visit mom on my lunch break and after work.  She wasn’t feeling too good when I visited her the second time.  The physical therapist was a little rough with her and after she was done mom’s incision had started to bleed and her fractured knee swelled up.  The pain medication just wasn’t cutting it today so Dad and I left early to let her rest.

Friday- got up early and made a couple of pans of bars for my boys at camp, put supper in one crockpot for my dad and delivered it to his house and filled another crockpot for Jeff, went up to visit Mom, caught up with Jeff to cash his check and headed for Camp Cuyuna to spend the night with Zach. (check out Camp Cuyuna post for full story on that.)


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