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Annual Bookie Queen Coronation July 18, 2009

Filed under: Life's Musings — Angie S. @ 1:10 pm

Last Tuesday I got dressed in my beaded gown, put on my tiara, grabbed my beribboned sceptor and headed out the door.  No, I wasn’t going to a really early Halloween party.  I was on my way to the annual Bookie Queen Coronation  to give up the crown I had proudly worn for the last year.  A couple of years ago we decided to nominate a Queen of the Bookies.  This idea came from a book from Cassandra King titled Same Sweet Girls.  So now once a year at our July picnic we all dress up in our best formal gowns (or our only formal gown since I don’t know many people who have a closetful of them) and head to the park.

This year however, nature did not cooperate with us.  There was flash flood warnings out and projections of 70 mph straight line winds so Sheila graciously opened up her home to us so we could move the event indoors.  Everybody brings a potluck dish and we grilled and had a wonderful meal.  Then the fun started…

Each Bookie stands up and reads a prepared speech, sings a song, recites a poem or whatever they want to do to convince us they want to be Queen of the Bookies.  The imagination of some of these ladies!  We hooted and howled with laughter as each person took their turn.  After casting our ballots- a winner and two runners up were picked.  Sheila is our new Queen and Amy and Kaydi are the Queen’s court.  After I placed the tiara on Sheila’s head she took her seat on the royal throne (a toilet seat painted gold- I’m not making this up!) and the cameras started snapping.

 Everybody is such a great sport to dress up and make fools out of themselves.  It’s a great event and has been a fun addition to our book club.



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