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Boy Scout Backyard Campout July 13, 2009

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This weekend we threw together a quick patrol activity and decided to have a backyard campout.  I had heard the weather was going to be perfect and we had some new tents we wanted to set up and try out so I made a call to the boys of the Mighty Eagle Patrol and we got it scheduled.

Saturday they all congregated at my house after we got back from 5pm mass.  I had all the fixings for a wienie roast and smores as well as Pizza Supreme Hotdish, chips, and Cookies and Cream Fluff (click on favorite recipes tab at top of page to view).  After supper (man, growing boys can eat!) we set up the tents.  One of the tents was very different from anything we had set up before and the instructions hadn’t come with it so we were stymied for a while.  But once we got it up it worked really well. 

The boys had all brought their bikes so we could go for a bike ride later and they spent some time jumping them on one of my son’s ramps.  We played some holey board, some rummy and just sat around the fire and talked and listened to music until about 1am.  We live in a quiet neighborhood so I was afraid the VERY loud music might disturb some of them so we did turn it down at midnight!

When we finally turned in for the night Zach and I were the last ones to make it to our tents.  After laying and listening to the sounds of the night for a while, trying to relax enough to get to sleep- I heard something big moving through the woods right behind us.  I thought for sure it was the bear and I was going to die a rather slow and painful death when it reached in with one of it’s big paws and dragged me through the boot closet of the tent.  But the more I stayed still and listened I could tell it was not walking low to the ground so I figure it was probably a deer.  Of course when you’re sleeping in a tent any little rustle in the woods sounds like a big animal so for all I know it was a furry little Chip ‘n” Dale chipmunk.

The next morning I cooked a big pan of scrambled eggs.  I made some toast, cut up some orange wedges, put out some cereal and some Little Smokies for them to roast with their wiener forks.  We watched with trepidation as some dark clouds moved in threatening to end our campout early but after dropping about a dozen raindrops they moved on.

We hopped on our bikes before the clouds changed their mind and came back for us and we started around the lake.  Three fourths of the way around we stopped at Don & Mayva’s Crow Wing Lake Camp for a slushie.  When I was a teenager I used to ride my bike to the campground just about every day during the summer and play Pac-Man or Super Mario and ogle all the teenage boys with their summer tans.  After drinking my slushie I couldn’t resist putting a quarter in the Pac-Man machine but I swear I didn’t ogle anybody!

When we passed the creek the boys stopped to take a look and ending up catching some little fish with their bare hands.  We were hot and sweaty after our bike ride so we talked Jeff into hooking up the boat and bringing us out to the point for a swim.  we swam for a couple of hours and a few of them came home sunburned (like Mark who decided to take a nap in the boat!).

We came home about 2 pm, had lunch, lazed around in the sun, played some more rummy and decided to go back for another swim at the public access.  The boys left about 7pm tonight and I’m exhausted.  It was a very fun and relaxing weekend but it was also a lot of work. My son teases me that I’m not as young as I once was and that’s why these events wear me out.  In a few weeks they will head off to summer camp where THEY will do all the work and I know Zach’s butt will be dragging when he comes home.  Maybe I’m not so old after all.





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