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Highlight Reel July 4th-10th, 2009 July 10, 2009

Filed under: Highlight Reel — Angie S. @ 10:31 pm

Saturday-  Happy Fourth of July!  See earlier blog post on what we did today.

Sunday-  Had breakfast on the patio and then Jeff and Zach spent the afternoon fishing.  After supper we atched the movie 12 Rounds.  It was better then I expected.  That night Zach and I lit the tiki torches around the patio and played Yahtzee until about 11pm.

Monday-  back to work…ugh!  Finally got to watch Gran Torino tonight.  Everybody has been raving about this movie and truthfully it didn’t look that great to me but I loved it.  After watching it I immediately took it over to my Dad and said “I’ll pay the late fee-just watch it.”

Tuesday-  Had a Faith Formation large group meeting today to get together the hiring committee for the new positions at the church.  It went really werll and there is no need for us to meet againg until after the hiring is done the first week of August.  Our next meeting will be with one of the diocesan DREs and we will be discussing curriculum changes- mainly for our 6-12 students.  Then called to check in on dad who had a root canal today.  They are definitely no fun.  When I got home (with supper picked up from the deli at Wal-Mart since it was almost 8pm), Zach, Jeff and I lit the tiki torches and sat around the patio and played a game of Yahtzee and then just watched the lights.

Thursday-  Dad doing much better today.  I stopped in and he was out in the garden but he stopped and came up and sat with me for a while.  Tyler and Zach were at Monica’s house and Jeff wasn’t home yet so they invited me over for chicken dumpling soup.  My mom doesn’t normally make soup in the summer but she was trying to find something dad could eat.  It was yummy!  Planned the menu for our backyard campout with the Mighty Eagles  patrol this weekend as well as some of the activities we will be doing.  Zach is setting up a lumberjack contest with events like a hacksaw contest, a log rolling and a nail driving contest as well as a fire building contst in the evening.  Weather permitting we will also be going on a bike ride around the lake.

Friday-  Sat around the fire tonight after getting everything set up for tomorrow’s campout.  The meteorologist says the weekend is supposed to be beautiful- sunny and 78 degrees.  I can’t ask for anything better then that!


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