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Let Freedom Ring! July 6, 2009

Filed under: Life's Musings — Angie S. @ 12:20 pm

What a fantastically beautiful Independence Day!  The weather couldn’t have been more cooperative.  It was sunny but it wasn’t too hot.

Our day started with watching the 4.4 on the 4th run past our house.  I would have loved to have joined the group but we needed to get going on our way to the parade in Crosby.  We picked up Monica and headed to Crosby.  We had a great spot on the parade route under the eaves of a local business with a spot just big enough on the curb for Gracie to sit and wait for the floats to go by and throw her handfuls of candy.

After the parade we headed to the Merrifield Lions park for a picnic.  We enjoyed our meal there and let Gracie have some time to play on the swings and go down the slides before we headed for Pelican Beach.

I am not much of a swimmer.  Oh, I like the water well enough, but I so seldom get a chance just to lay in the sun that on the 4th I take full advantage of it.  Zach stayed in the water for a couple of hours, Monica and Grace splashed around in it as well, and even Jeff did some wading to cool off.  Near 4pm we decided we had had enough sun so we packed up and headed out.

We drove next to Mom Simmonds’ house and visited with her for a while.  Grace had fallen asleep in the car and continued to sleep  in my mother-in-law’s arms the whole time we visited.  What a little angel!

Since Tyler was working the whole day we decided to see if we could hook up with him on his lunch break.  We ordered two pizzas to take out from Papa Johns and met up with him at the Paul Bunyan trailhead.  It was nice to be able to spend at least 40 minutes with him on the holiday.

Then, it was onto the fireworks.  We set up our blanket on the grass and settled in for the 3 hour wait.  My husband is a people watcher and normally I would rather read, but there is such a fun, festive, interesting mix of people that I really enjoyed just taking it all in.  There were young men dressed up in a gorilla suit and a chocolate bar costume running around (I have no idea what that was about) and a couple more creative young men who were holding large signs advertising Free Hugs.  I had to laugh as I watched their idea backfire.  The majority of the people that hugged them were other men!

When it was finally dusk my son made it back to the blanket with his cousin Eric and my Goddaughter Sarah joined us for a while as well (and ate all my Gummi Bears!).  The fireworks display were the best I had ever seen.  The city always puts on a great event but this year there were some interesting colors, designs and choreography.  Applause for a tremendous job!  It was a very enjoyable evening and a great day for celebrating our nations independence.  Thanks to all the men and women in the military who serve our country every day to ensure that celebrations like this will happen for a long time.


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