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Highlight Reel June 27th-July 3, 2009 July 4, 2009

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Saturday- Monica and Gracie came over this afternoon.  It was such a nice day we stayed outside all day.  I marinated a pork tenderloin and put it on the grill and made some wild rice.  After supper the storm clouds moved in and I thought we were going to get rained on but they went around us.  We started a fire, roasted some marshmallows and sat and watched the fire until about 11pm.

Sunday-  We had our church bazaar today and had a great time.  It is always a lot of work but it’s fun to see old and young come together for a common cause.  And, once again we went home winners!  Jeff won a gun at a game at the bazaar.

Monday-This is my week of waiting for Jeff to get home from work.  It’s a holiday week and Jeff works long hours anyway (3am-7pm) but this week his hours are even longer.  Tonight he finally got home at 8:30, but he had also stopped at Gander Mountain to pick up and register the gun he won at the church bazaar.

Tuesday-Zach and I sat by the fire tonight and played cards.

Wednesday-  Tonight we invited mom over to play rummy and sit by the fire with us.  Zach roasted marshmallows and mom and I settled for a wine cooler as we watched the flames.

Thursday-  Monica came out to look at a piece of property by us and then Monica, Tyler, Zach and Gracie spent the day bumming around Nisswa.  In the afternoon they came back to my house and I put some meat on the grill, cooked a vegetable and some au gratin potatoes and we had supper when Jeff finally made his way home.  The boys showed off their skills racing a bike over a jump, and Monica tried it too and got “good air”.  Gracie also had to be a daredevil and tried driving a ride on fire truck down the deck stairs.  She ended up with a goose egg on her noggin but otherwise was unmarked. 

Friday-  after fighting literally miles of bumper to bumper traffic coming to the Fourth of July Capital of the World I made it home.  I put some shrimp on the barbie and made some Caramel Crispix Mix (click on Favorite Recipes tab on the top of the page to view)After supper mom and dad came over and we sat on the patio until it got dark enough for Zach to light off some fireworks.  It was a beautiful evening and the mosquitos weren’t even too bad!


3 Responses to “Highlight Reel June 27th-July 3, 2009”

  1. Rosanne Says:

    Hey Angie! The carmel crispix mix looks to be wonderful. Here’s a thought, why don’t you make some up and us wonderful workers can taste test it? I work on Wednesday evening so that would be a great time – but don’t put it out early, I don’t get there until 6! **smiling**

  2. Rosanne Says:

    Angie, you rock! Thanks for the treat last evening!

  3. kadybug Says:

    You are so welcome Rosanne. Just a note of fair warning though…if I post a really good recipe for something like Butter Drizzled Lobster Tail in Cream Sauce or Succulent Seasoned Filet Mignon I probably WON’T be bringing any of that in. LOL

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