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Father’s Day 2009 June 22, 2009

Filed under: Life's Musings — Angie S. @ 5:10 pm

The day started out sunny and warm so I invited Mom and Dad and Papa and Nana out for supper.  Since it was just a last minute thing I explained it would just be something simple like a wiener roast on the back patio.  I ran to town to get wieners and the fixings and when I got out of the store it was really overcast.  I nervously called Zachary and asked him to bring all the patio chairs up to the covered deck just in case it started to rain before I got home.  It’s a good thing I did because about 2 minutes later it started to sprinkle, and then the sprinkle turned into a nice steady rain.

Thankfully, we have a covered deck so the afternoon wasn’t a complete bust.  We had a lovely time outside.  We didn’t get to roast the wieners (I put them on the grill), but we enjoyed them anyway along with the cheesy potatoes, baked beans, deviled eggs, vegetables from my parent’s garden and homemade lemonade.  For dessert my mom had made some homemade rhubarb sauce that we served over ice cream and I made some toffee blondies.

Zach shot off some fireworks in between downpours and when the rain slowed down enough they huddled under their umbrellas and  headed to their vehicles to go home. 

Thanks Dad for always being there for me and believing in me.  Thanks Jeff for being a wonderful, involved father to our two children and Happy Father’s Day to my brother Mike,  I wish you could have been here with us!



One Response to “Father’s Day 2009”

  1. Michael DeRosier Says:

    Thank You Angie!
    That was a great article on dad and for
    Father’s Day!

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