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Boy Scout Canoe Trip June 9, 2009

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Saturday morning we woke up to a sunshiny but cool morning.  We finished packing, picked Lonnie up at the state park and headed to the Pillager dam to start the canoe trip.  The boys dragged their canoes down to the water, donned their sweatshirts and life jackets and slathered sunscreen on.  That’s when the sun went down and the clouds moved in.

We had heard it was supposed to rain later in the afternoon so Jennifer was eager to get going before the rain moved in.  They pushed off on the first leg of their journey to the Crow Wing State Park.  I was excited for them and disappointed I would be missing out on this adventure.  Not only did I have way too much work to do to prepare for next week’s meetings, but I was the gear hauler to the state park for the troop.

The troop expected to get to the park by 4pm.  They were going to stop once for lunch and once more to stretch their legs.  When I got the call at 2pm that they were about an hour away, I grabbed the rest of the gear we would need and headed to the park to meet them.  By this time it had been raining quite steadily for a couple of hours.  When I got to the park they were all soaking wet and very cold!  My son was very happy to get into warm dry clothes! 

Some set up their tents in the drizzle that was now coming down, others decided to sleep in the picnic shelter.  We were sharing the group camp with the club that was there for the Fur Trade Encampment, so some of our group set up next to a more authentic looking tent.

The next morning after a breakfast that they each cooked theirselves with their mess kits they headed out for the next leg of their journey.  They were going to travel another 7 miles and stop at one of the scout leader’s homes along the river for a potluck picnic lunch.

When we got to Bob’s house we found quite a spread.  Bob had hotdogs on the cooking grate and others had brought hotdishes, BBQ sandwiches, lasagna, baked beans, bars and brownies.  The scouts sat around the fire telling their version of the trip and laughing about how the girls got stuck on a sandbar.

They had a great time during the canoe trip.  Some fished along the way and some just enjoyed the scenery  (you know, the deer and the military personel from Camp Ripley…).  I am so happy that Zachary is a part of the Boy Scouts of America.  What adventures he’s had and what adventures are still left to come.  He will definitely have things to tell his children and I’m hoping some day he will be joining his little boy on adventures just like this one.



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