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The Critter Cafe May 29, 2009

Filed under: Life's Musings — Angie S. @ 4:50 pm

My mom and dad have a bird feeder that sits quite close to the house.  They enjoy watching the birds from the picture window while they sit at the dining room table.  Many people over the years have enjoyed the wide variety of feathered friends that are attracted to the sunflower seeds that my dad keeps the feeder stocked with.

Lately however, the clientele at the feeder has changed.  My parents have seen deer, raccoons, fox, turkey, and most recently a bear at their feeder.  This bear has become somewhat of a menace around the neighborhood.  My parents have had two bird feeders demolished by the bear in a week’s time.  He has bent their shepherd’s hook and slurped up the grape jelly from the oriole feeder.  Talk around the neighborhood is he has done this to several feeders in other people’s yards.

The other day my mom looked up from the riding lawn mower to see the bear standing under her clothesline.  She went to the house to grab her camera and it ventured closer.  After much banging on the windows and hollering at the bear he finally walked off in his own sweet time.  He’s definitely not afraid of people.

I have perennial flowers planted around my bird feeders, so for now I am not refilling my feeders for fear the bear will trample my poppies, hollyhocks and peonies.  I have also decided not to walk the trail between my house and my parents.  I would like to eventually see the bear but not up close and personal like my mom did!



One Response to “The Critter Cafe”

  1. sdechantal Says:

    Love the pictures – except the broken feeder… 😦

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