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Highlight Reel May 16th-22nd May 25, 2009

Filed under: Life's Musings — Angie S. @ 3:16 am

Saturday- camping…see previous blog

Sunday- after we get home from camping and took long showers (which felt incredible!) we went to a benefit dinner for a girl from our church.  Then headed home for a nap before I start overnight mods tonight.
Monday- worked overnight mods…can’t get my body to function because of lack of sleep but they went really well and we got a lot accomplished.   Zach had Court of Honor where he received 4 new merit badges: art, aviation, leatherworking and fire safety.

Tuesday- mods again, still overly tired.

Wednesday- I think I finally got caught up on my sleep from this weekend and working overnighters.  I’m definitely functioning at a higher capacity.

Thursday- last night of overnighters now that my body is getting used to them.  After I woke up this afternoon I went and spent almost 4 hours on the lawnmower.  Tomorrow I will be trimming trees and hopefully getting into my flower beds a little.  We’ll see…

Friday- Working at the normal time felt good today!  Zach went to the motocross races tonight and with Jeff getting home so late because his truck broke down on the route we didn’t do anything tonight.


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