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Patrol Campout May 19, 2009

Filed under: Life's Musings — Angie S. @ 2:29 am

Friday 15th, 6:30am- Closed the car door with everything packed for this weekend’s campout.  I’m very excited.  I love to camp!

12pm-Getting antsy.  When will work be done?

2:30pm-Hear the rain pouring down on the roof at work.  All of a sudden I’m not so excited.

3pm- Dodge puddles up to my ankles as I run to the car.

3:15pm- Pick up a wet looking Zach from school.  It’s still raining.

4pm- Barely sprinkling, we start setting up the tent.


4:15pm- On hands and knees inside tent wiping up the floor with a towel.  Note to self: next time you pack away the tent close the windows.

7pm- Mark, Eric and Andrew join us and we finish setting up camp kitchen and screenhouse.

8pm- supper and a campfire.

11pm- Bedtime

2 ish – vaguely remember waking up shivering

3am- wake up to the sound of snow/sleet pelting the tent

Sat. 16th 7am- finally convince myself to get out of the nice warm sleeping bag.  Zach starts the fire.

9am- Breakfast then football, baseball and kite flying.

12:30pm- Head to the beach to do a community service project.  Rake and pick up sticks then a quick game of beach football.  There for 4 hours.  Wind up extrememly windburned.

5pm- Boys go biking and fishing while supper slow cooks in the dutch oven.  Jeff joins us.

8pm- Pork chop and potato bake with green beans, bread and cheesecake squares for supper.  Yum!

11pm- Bedtime again.  Colder tonight but no wind so it feels warmer.

Sunday 17th, 5:30am- Jeff gets fire started.

6am- trying to figure out what to do with my funky hairdo that was a result of me sleeping with a hat on all night.

8am- Breakfast of pancakes and sausage.  Clean up and tear down.

11:40 pm- Pull out of camp with a contented sigh.  What a great weekend!  Can’t wait until our next one.



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