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Highlight Reel May 9th-May 15th May 19, 2009

Filed under: Life's Musings — Angie S. @ 1:55 am

Saturday-  Zach and I went to the zoo and spent a fun afternoon in Little Falls.  Zach was home in time to babysit Aiden and since Jeff had to work late I ended up going to church by myself.  The Knights of Columbus handed out carnations to all the mothers after church which was really nice.  Tyler’s day was not so nice.  On top of being really tired today, he tore his pants at work and after his shift was ended he went out to his car to find his car had been leaking gas.  His friend Josh drove him around to get parts and they went back to try to fix it in the parking lot.  Thanks Josh!

Sunday- Happy Mother’s Day!!  I had a beautiful day with the family.  This morning Tyler gave me a beautiful card and a gift certificate.  Then Jeff and the boys took me out for lunch at China Buffet.  After lunch we went to my mother-in-law’s house and spent the afternoon with her.  It was nice to see she’s getting along so well.   We left her house I went over to my mom’s house and brought over her gift and spent some time there.  When I got home there was a nice message from my brother in California wishing me a Happy Mother’s Day so I called him back and talked to him while I was making supper.  I couldn’t have asked for a more pleasant day!

Monday-  Scouts tonight was very busy.  We continuued with the Personal Management merit badge and finished up Fire Safety and Leatherworking all in time for next Monday’s Court of Honor.

Tuesday- Book club discussion tonight was Water for Elephants.  An excellent book! 

Wednesday- Had another Catechist Aprreciation dinner but opted not to go.  I already went to one and one was enough.

Thursday- finished packing the car for the weekend camping trip.

Friday- left work for camping (watch for my blog on this coming soon)


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