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A Trip to the Zoo May 11, 2009

Filed under: Life's Musings — Angie S. @ 2:17 am

Zach and I had a free afternoon so we headed to Little Falls with the intention of going to the art co-op so Zach could finish his Art Merit Badge.  However, after piddling around with some shopping we got there at 2:09pm only to find out they closed at 2.  So instead we went to the Pine Grove Zoo.  It has been years since I went there and they have changed a lot.  Instead of having small 10×10 cages they now have big fenced in areas for the animals to roam in, a small gift shop and a little education center.  While it is still a small zoo, you can tell they are working to improve it more every year.

Zach had fun feeding the animals in the petting stables and we watched the bears wrestling around.  He was fascinated with how big the turkeys could fluff out their feathers and how skinny the legs looked on the big bison.  The prairie dogs were a hoot!

Zach and I then went to the dam to watch the water and the fishermen there.  We walked through Maple Grove Park and talked about plans for this summer.  When we finally had to get going (Zach had a babysitting job this evening) we got in the car and blew our kazoos (which we had purchased earlier at a gift store) all the way home.  It was a fun afternoon that I got to spend with my youngest son who is growing way too fast.  I know that in a few years there won’t be many of these afternoons left.  He’ll be too busy with work, friends and girls- just like my oldest- to spend very much time with me.  That’s why on this Mother’s Day weekend I really cherished this time together.



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