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Highlight Reel May 2nd-May8th, 2009 May 9, 2009

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Saturday-  Zach and I went to Mr. Esperson’s tree farm for Boy Scouts  to replant some of the trees that died over the winter.  It didn’t take us as long as we thought it would since we only had to plant about 250 trees.  After planting, Mr. Esperson took us on a hike around his 40 acre tree plantation to see some examples of old and new growth.  Then we went to the Merrifield Lion’s Park for a picnic lunch.

Sunday-  After church today we had the Teacher Appreciation Brunch.  We were served 3 different kinds of egg bakes, fresh fruit, toast and donuts and juice.   We were also given a nice gift of a jeweled cross that sits on an easel.  I’m very glad this year is over.  I had way too big of a class so next year it will be nice to have a smaller class size.  Tyler and Monica went to the flea market in Wadena and Tyler was excited to come home with an Alpine Subwoofer that he got for the very low price of $3.00.  He offered to pimp out my Trailblazer but I think I like it without the BOOM BOOM!

Monday-  Went to Don’s house for Boy Scouts to do a little yard work as part of a community service project- but really more because we wanted to help Don out in his time of need. (read previous post).  After we got done in Don’s yard our patrol went to the park to finish up our Aviation and Fire Safety Merit Badges.

Tuesday-Cinco de Mayo!!  Nope, not Mexican but yep did the whole Cinco de Mayo thing tonight.  You know me…I can’t resist working with a theme.  We had tacos and I made some new mexican rice side dish and we had creme caramel flan for dessert.  I offered to add to the atmosphere by singing La Cucaracha and doing the Mexican Hat Dance but I was immediately shot down.  Spoilsports!

Wednesday-  While Zach and Jeff went fishing I worked outside in the yard for a while.  It was such a nice day!

Thursday-  Mowed the lawn and it looked wonderful for about 15 minutes and then all the dandelions started popping back up again.  I made a new recipe my friend Patty gave me for Warm Toasted Marshmallow Smore Bars.  Yummy!  I took some over to my parent’s house and stayed and played cards.

Friday- Monica and Gracie stopped by the office today to give me this super huge Mother’s Day card.  And it even sings!  Tyler and Zach went to the Smelt Fry at Fort and I opted to stay in and wait for my sweetheart to get home from work.  His longer summer hours are starting so he didn’t get home until 7:30 again today.  😦


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