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Spring Yard Cleanup May 5, 2009

Filed under: Boy Scout Bluster — Angie S. @ 5:06 pm

Tonight I did some yard work…but not in my yard.  Our Boy Scout Troop decided to help out Don,one of our Scout leaders that has been sick with cancer and unable to get his yard work done.  When Bob called Don to see what night would be best to work on his yard, Don was amazed that we would think to help him.  Why would we not?  Don has done many things for the Scouts.  He has been our Committee Chair and our Sponsor liason.  He has been to summer camp with the boys and cooked them up his famous macaroni and cheese.  He has also taught them the Citizenship, Communications, and Reading merit badges.  So it was a real pleasure to give back to Don tonight.

We had current and former Scouts there as well as current and former Scout leaders.  In just  1  1/2 hours we raked his yard, cleaned out his flower beds, dug up his garden, cleaned his gutters, blew the pine needles into the driveway so they could be swept up, took down storm windows, sawed off some dead branches from his trees and swept out his garage.  I was very proud of the hard work the boys put in tonight.

After treating us to cookies and soda, Don and his wife joined the circle for Scout Vespers.  It was a very emotional evening.  I’m glad we were able to help out.




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