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Airport Day April 20, 2009

Filed under: Boy Scout Bluster — Angie S. @ 12:08 pm

Last Sunday the Mighty Eagles Patrol of Troop 43 got the opportunity to visit the St Cloud Regional Airport for an event hosted by the St Cloud State Aviation Department.  This was a super fun day that the department did a great job of putting together.  From noon until 3pm the Airport was open for the youth of the area to get some hands on experience in.

Our patrol got to go to Ground School where we learned the difference between piston, turbojet and turboprop engines.  We learned about lift, thrust and drag, airfoils, ailerons, elevators and rudders.  We learned about the different pilot certificates and some career opportunities in aviation.

The boys also got the opportunity to perform a preflight inspection of a Cessna 152 airplane.  They learned how to check the fuel that’s stored in the wings.  They learned how to sump the plane and check the oil.  They got to check the aileron hinges and see if the altimeter was working and many more things.

Then the patrol got to try out the flight simulator.  They learned that there is more to steering the plane then just turning the yoke.  They got to try their hand at takeoff, flying (a few tried barrel rolls!), and landing the plane.  Eric even got to try landing the plane on the runway at night.

We got to tour the airport as well.  There were many different planes out in the general aviation area of the airport for us to take a look at.  We got to sit in a Blackhawk helicopter and the boys did parachute jumps without the parachute.  We got to take a look inside some of the hangers at the shiny $15 million corporate jets parked there.  We also got a chance to hang out in the pilot’s lounge and watch some of the Twins game on the big screen TV while we warmed up. 

All in all it was a quality program put on by SCSU which allowed our Boy Scouts to really get a feel for the opportunities available in aviation and for them to earn their Aviation Merit Badge.


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