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Master Web Designer Extraordinaire April 16, 2009

Filed under: Boy Scout Bluster — Angie S. @ 1:40 pm

For the last two weeks I have been working on setting up a new website for our Boy Scout Troop.  Our old free website was bought out by another scout data entity and suddenly they wanted to charge us $89 a year for using it.  Although the website had many wonderful options, as a non-profit organization that uses all it’s fundraising dollars to help the boys get to campouts and summer camp at as little cost to them as possible, this price was a little to steep.  I began the search to find another free website.  I searched for days and could come up with nothing.

I considered buying software and designing my own, but I guess you still need to find someone to host it and the price for that at $49 was still too much.  One day on Facebook I noticed an advertisement at the side of the screen for a FREE Scout website.  I clicked on it to see if I could find the catch and there wasn’t one so I immediately signed up.

I have had so much fun putting this together and I have learned SO much.  I actually know very little about computers but I was able to get this website up and running because this site is so easy to work with.  It allows our Scouts to sign in and see different information then what the general public sees, I am able to post notes and blogs, add pictures of our events, send out automatic e-mail reminders about events the day before they happen, and send an automatic text message out 2 hours before if there is an unexpected change of plans or venues.

My son Tyler  just shook his head when I told him he could add web designer to my list of talents, but I’m quite proud I was able to give this a try and succeed.  Thanks My Scout Link for a fun experience!  Check out our Troop website by clicking here.


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