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Fishes and Loaves April 2, 2009

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Lorena and I laughed.  We felt like we were on Iron Chef, but it was just the Wednesday night Lenten soup supper at our church.

In our small parish on Wednesday nights during lent we have mass at 5pm, soup supper at 6pm and Stations of the Cross at 7pm.  We have 12 CCW groups who provide the soup, bread and bars or cake for these suppers.  The CCW was divided out so 3 groups would bring the food one week, 3 another and so on for our first 4 suppers and the 5th Wednesday of Lent was a parish wide potluck.  On the night my group was scheduled to serve I had made a triple batch of Tuscan soup so for the potluck I decided I was going to bring a cake this time.  I got to the church at 4:45 and went downstairs to drop off my cake before mass and all the lights were out and the counters were bare except for 1 crockpot of soup.  Where was everybody?

None of the tables were set up and there was no food.  I ran upstairs to check the bulletin to see if I had got my wires crossed somewhere and another CCW member was coming down the stairs with a crockpot of chili.  When I explained to her there was no other food she got a panicked look on her face and then a look of determination.  We dug in together and worked to see what we could do.

I found a large can of tomato soup in the cupboard so I put that on to heat and we also found a pot of fish chowder in the freezer.  While Lorena chipped frozen bits of soup into a kettle I put out crackers and cups.  Lorena started the coffee and Kool-Aid and I came behind her to finish.  We found a bag of frozen garlic toast in the freezer from last weeks spaghetti supper so I put that in the oven to warm and sliced the 1 cake we had into as little of slices as I could get away with.

An hour later when Deacon Marks came down to say the blessing over the meal we jokingly asked him if he could do a Fishes and Loaves kind of blessing.  It must have worked because we ended up feeding 38 people with the little food we had.  And while I’m sure there were a few that went away hungry, it’s lent and it doesn’t hurt any of us to fast.  ;0)




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  1. sdechantal Says:

    Great story!

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