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Highlight Reel March 14th-20th, 2009 March 21, 2009

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Saturday-  I worked today which was kind of weird since I don’t work weekends normally, but inventory is coming up so all management was scheduled.  After work Monica followed me home and she went to church with us and when we came home we made venison and roasted red potatoes for supper,  Then we played 35 and Pass the Ace and I lost both.

Sunday-  I got to sleep in since I didn’t have to teach catechism due to the fact the kids are on spring break and then I had to work the evening.  Jeff and Zach went fishing with Todd and Jake.

Monday-  We had Boy Scouts tonight and the Webelos visited our troop to learn knife safety and more about knot tying.  Our Mighty Eagles Patrol also finalized plans for our upcoming patrol night.

Tuesday-  Happy St Patricks Day!  There is not a spot of Irish in me but since I’m a holiday freak we still did the whole Irish meal with corned beef, potatoes, irish soda bread, peas, green Jello and Shamrock Pie for dessert.

Wednesday- Last of 10 straight working at Wal-Mart so I’m thankful to have the next 4 days off.  After work today I rushed home to make Tuscan Soup ( see Favorite Recipes tab at the top of this page) since it was my group’s turn to serve at the soup supper at church.  Then I went to mass and served at the supper but I skipped out on Stations of the Cross because I had a migraine and couldn’t function anymore.

Thursday-  Ran some errands this morning (library, bank, groceries) then relaxed for a while before going to my parent’s house to play a few games of rummy with them.  Jeff was running late so Zach made supper for him while I ran off to Bible study.  We worked on Luke 6-19 tonight.  Next week we cover the Passion.  When I got home Zach and I watched an older Disney film called Follow Me Boys about Boy Scouts in the 1930’s.  We found it really true to the scouts and a lot of fun so we are going to share it on our next Scout movie night.

Friday-  I must have wore Zach out last night because I didn’t think he was ever going to wake up this morning!  That’s okay though because I knew he was going to be up late running a station at Cub Hibe.  We had 9 boys from our troop show up to teach the Cub Scouts how to properly build fires.  Since we were at the Armory we couldn’t actually light them but I think the Cubby’s learned a lot.  While Zach was doing that I went to Wal-Mart for the Twilight release and then I picked Zach up and we went home to watch it.


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