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Cards March 15, 2009

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There are some things that certain families have always done.  It’s in their blood.  For some it’s sports or fishing.  Others it’s gardening or performing.  For my family it’s playing cards.  There is not a get together on either my mom’s side or my dad’s side that does not include breaking out a deck of cards and a pile of coins.  We are not high stakes gamblers but we do play EVERYTHING for money.

My dad will sit for hours and play solitaire.  I’m over at my mom’s several times a week to play a game or two of cards.  Our favorites are card games like 10 penny, rummy and 35.  My aunts and uncles like a rowdy game of poker.  There’s been many a fun time had over a deck of cards. 

  There really is something timeless about playing cards.  They are not faddish, they never go out of style and they can be enjoyed by young (old maid, go fish, crazy 8’s) and old (bridge, cribbage, canasta) alike.  I think it’s pretty telling that one of my mom’s most cherished treasures is the deck of cards her grandma used to play with.  I think it’s the thought of how many times her grandma’s hands have held the same deck she holds.  There’s almost something prayerful in it.


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