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FrUsTrAtIoNs PaRt II February 28, 2009

Filed under: Life's Musings — Angie S. @ 8:13 pm

I had my IEP meeting with Zachary’s case manager this week.  Needless to say questions didn’t get answered and my frustration with this whole thing is worse then before. 

My main question during the meeting is how can we get his aide to be more effective for him.  Now, I’m not knocking his aide, she’s a very nice person.  However, every time Zachary needs assistance she’s assisting someone else.  I found out that in most classes she is being shared by 6 children and in art class she has to take care of 11 different students!  So while I vowed I would contact the school district and get this whole thing figured out Zach’s case manager handed me his updated IEP to sign.  I looked over the 8 pages and found under the services and modifications page where the PCA/Paraprofessional is listed he had Zach typed in for 240 minutes of direct assistance 5 days a week.  Huh?

If Zachary is sharing an aide with anywhere between 6-11 other students per class how much direct assistance is he getting?  My answer- nearly none.  I wouldn’t sign the IEP.  I mentioned again my concerns and again he didn’t have the answers for me.  I asked him to draw up a new IEP and I would take a look at it.

Yesterday I received the new IEP.  On the services and modifications page there was a change.  Zachary has still listed as receiving 240 minutes of direct assistance but this time it was not listed as a PCA/Paraprofessional it was listed as academic support.  So now the aide we fought so hard to get for him is no longer even in the equation!  My blood is boiling and I will not be signing this IEP either.


2 Responses to “FrUsTrAtIoNs PaRt II”

  1. Rosanne Says:

    Hang in there Angie! If it gets to the point where you need some more ideas, let me know and I will get ahold of one of my friends, who has retired from being a Superintendent, and is very knowledgeable in IEP/Section 504. She helped me alot when I was dealing with the school for my son.

  2. kadybug Says:

    Thanks Rosanne. I might need that help, I’ll Let you know.

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