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Highlight Reel January 31st-February 6th, 2009 February 7, 2009

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Saturday-  Spent the day with family.  Played games with Zach and visited my parents for a while.  We also watched the movie Flywheel.  It was a low budget film but it wasn’t bad.

Sunday-  Jeff and Zach went fishing.  They didn’t fair well.  Even though they caught some they released them all and came home with nothing.  I’m thinking they better start bringing home some fish since lent is coming up!

Monday-  Spent my lunch break at my grandparent’s house.  I try to visit with them at least once a week.  They don’t get out as much as they used to especially during the cold winter months so a visit-even a short one- breaks up their day a little.  Then on to Boy Scouts in the evening where we are still working on teaching them leadership skills.  Next month’s theme is on High Adventure so that should be a little more exciting.

Tuesday-  I came home with a HUGE migraine so I did absolutely nothing (except write a blog post at 4am!)

Wednesday- A flipped out day at work. I worked almost 3 hours past the end of my shift just to get everything entered in correctly before I left.  I’m in charge of accident files at my work and we had 3 claims filed that day.  In fact I had all 3 claims in the office at the same time!

Thursday-  Got a call from the school nurse at around 9am this morning that Zach was not feeling well.  He had been so sick over a month ago that when he threw up he tore his stomach lining.  We are still dealing with the after effects of that.  I think it was too much pop this week that did him in.  Normally I keep very little pop in the house.  So when it was there I think he went a little overboard!  Bible study tonight is still on 2nd Kings.  We are learning about the bad kings in the Northern Kingdom who turned away from the Lord and built alters and Asherah poles and the good kings in the Southern Kingdom who stayed truer to God.

Friday-Zach helped me make meat and potato pie for supper and we each kind of did our own thing.  He’s becoming more independent and able to keep himself amused more often which was a struggle in the past.  His Tourette Syndrome has caused him to cling to us which we are trying to break him of. (Click on Favorite Recipes tab at top of this page to view this super fast recipe)


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